Beautiful Hair – Health or Cosmetics?

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Everyone is born with a particular kind of hair determined by one’s genes. There is nothing you can do to change that. Only ‘Science and Beauty” can change and improve what nature has provided. Every day we do things to affect our hair. We can color it, highlight it, curl it, relax it, iron it, blow it, shampoo it, condition it, brush it, crimp it, braid it, spray it, gel it, glue it. Well, you get the picture. In doing these everyday things, we chemically and mechanically degrade the hair and alter its physical and chemical properties. Over a length of time this causes the hair to loose its natural cosmetic qualities, such as body, manageability, luster, and competency. Prescribing individual personalized hair care products through scientific knowledge is viewed more wellness of the hair than cosmetic.

Wrong or unsuitable applications of products applied to the hair can damage over a period of time. It takes professional skill to analyze your hair properly and in-salon follow up reconditioning treatments to expect successful results. A protein based formula of the correct molecular weight and size range builds strength into hair to improve the way it responds especially to chemical services. A moisturizing based formula softens and adds flexibility.

Healthy hair should have a moisture content of nine to eleven percent. This gives the hair pliability that it needs to hold a style and lubricates the interior so it has body and bounce. We can talk about the topical part of having beautiful hair all day but we can not forget that our hair, skin and nails are definitely a reflection of what we eat and our total health. A good diet and exercise routine is the basic for wellness and always adds to the positive side of beauty.

No one has bad hair, just hair with special needs. Behind every great hairstyle there is well conditioned hair and a well informed, educated stylist.

If you have a hair problem, come see one of the stylists at Master Design Salon. They are the best and are fully informed in the principles of making your hair healthy and beautiful.