Beat the summer hair blues

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Our favorite time of the year is finally here..Summer! Along with the clear blue skies and carefree days comes the daily assault of taxing chlorine compounds, damaging rays of the sun, not to mention all the havoc we put on our hair from daily styling faux pas. If there is ever a time to be extra gentle with your hair, it is this season. Treat your tresses like a fine silk blouse.

Chlorine, salt water and perspiration damage and dry out the hair. These types of salts binds to the hair, stripping it of its natural protein causing voids in the hair shaft. Mineral deposits from water make hair brassy and brittle and will eventually severely dehydrate the hair. Now is the time to begin a quality hair care regime.

Summer hair care tips:

  • Before you enter a pool, lake, ocean or any body of water, wet your hair and apply a coat of conditioner.
  • Immediately after swimming or enjoying the day in the sun, shampoo your hair with a clarifying shampoo. These shampoos are designed to remove any chlorine and trace salts from the hair shaft. Follow up with a deep reconditioner to moisturize and strengthen your tresses, which is quite different than the regular conditioner you use after normal shampooing.
  • Over shampooing and under reconditioning are common to dry, frizzy hair. Avoid shampoo’s that are what we call a ‘two in one’ or shampoo’s that contain synthetic oils. They sit on the hair not allowing the hair to be rinsed well and inhibiting the moisturizers to penetrate.
  • Avoid over use of styling products with alcohols such as sprays, mousses and hard gels. Instead, opt for flexible products.
  • If you want lift, make sure your hair is dry completely at the scalp before adding the styling product. This gives maximum lift with minimum product.
  • Pay special attention to the ends. Remember the ends of your hair are old and have had a lot more abuse therefore they might require a different treatment and kinder care.
  • Last but most important…consult your hairstylist for the correct products for your hair. Each product is meant for a specific hair type and just because it works for your friend doesn’t mean it will give you the same results. Products should be changed seasonally.